Time and frequency in loudspeaker measurements by Richard Heyser

by Richard C Heyser

I recently came across an article that describes the duality between time and frequency. In most descriptions of the the topic, the math gets heavy very quickly and it isn’t easy for the dedicated reader to keep up. This article is interesting because it attempts to keep the discussion in a more subjective domain.

I found the article a number of months ago when I was searching for a way to take acoustic measurements in less than ideal conditions. Richard Heyser pioneered Time Delay Spectrometry, a method that can eliminate the influence of room reflections from audio measurements. I didn’t expect to find a number of articles, also by Heyser, about modeling subjectivity in audio. I ordered the anthology of his work and found his discussions fascinating. (You can find the anthology further down this page.)

If you are interested in frequency and the nature of the Fourier transform, but haven’t managed to get much out of it, I recommend that you check it out. The article was originally published in Audio magazine which quit operating in 2000. If you find the article interesting, I highly recommend that you order the anthology too.

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2 Responses to “Time and frequency in loudspeaker measurements by Richard Heyser”

  1. Bob Hagenbach Says:

    Do you have any more articles of Heyser’s in PDF form?

  2. Karl Nordstrom Says:

    Unfortunately no–just in paper form.