Research and Development Projects

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Marguerite with the glove

Voice Synthesizer Optimization

At the Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC) I increased the expressiveness of a voice synthesizer that is controlled by hand gestures. I also worked on making the system far more robust.


Choir Effect

While working for TC-Helicon in Victoria, I developed a digital effect that multiplies the number of voices in a recording, creating the illusion of a full choir.

Source-filter model of the vocal tract

Voice Transformation

While at Music Intelligence and Sound Technology (MISTIC), I collaborated with TC-Helicon and IVL Audio to develop algorithms to transform the sounds of singing voices. These algorithms manipulate the perceived vocal effort and breathiness of singing voices, enabling performers to change the character of their voice in real time.

acoustic guitar

Digital Model of an Acoustic Guitar

At IVL Audio, I developed a digital model of an acoustic guitar. This model included the string vibrations and the acoustic response of the guitar body. I did this with Glen Rutledge, who has gone on to start 3dB Research.

Noise Reduction

b&k microphone

At Western Star Trucks, we carried out a noise reduction program to significantly reduce the noise within their trucks. My role was to carry out and direct the testing and to determine the noise paths into the trucks. Through careful analysis of the resulting data and through a redesign of the noise packages, we were able to reduce the noise by as much as 10 dBA.

Western Star Truck

Vehicle Testing

From 1998 to 2003 I worked for Western Star Trucks as a test and analysis engineer. I collected and analyzed noise and vibration data to improve the trucks being designed and built there in Kelowna. I also collected and analyzed data from many other kinds of sensors (force, pressure, temperature, etc), and carried out finite element analysis (FEA) to determine potential failure locations in a part that was being designed.

mountain bike

Data Acquisition on Mountain Bikes

From 1997-1998 I worked on a MASc degree in collaboration with Rocky Mountain Bicycles. I used a portable data acquisition system to collect accelerometer and and shock displacement data and developed a technique to evaluate the performance of full-suspension mountain bikes.

raceface crank

Destructive Test Equipment

In 1996 I worked for Rocky Mountain Bicycles and Race Face in Delta BC, designing and building equipment to destructively test bicycle components such as handlebars, stems, seatposts, cranks and bottom brackets. The equipment was also capable of testing whole bikes. The mountain bike that I ride today was evaluated on the test equipment that I built.