Lucy Nordstrom 1921–2009

Grandma Lucy and me
Grandma Lucy was one of the kindest, most loving people I have ever known. Everything that she did was with thoughtfulness and considerateness, always putting others ahead of herself.  She showed everyone kindness. Even the teller at the post office was moved at hearing of her passing.

I remember as a kid staying over at her place. There was always so much to do. Before boredom even hinted, Grandma would bring out something new and fun. I remember building cars out of cake boxes. I remember her mounting our drawings into a giant scrapbook. I remember getting to watch Loony Tunes and playing games in the yard. I remember her cutting slices of ice cream.  I remember walking with her down to Woodwards for shopping and going down to the park to play.

Grandma and I shared a sly sense of humour and I felt that connection from a young age.  She was always ready for a joke.  One day, I went to Grandpa and asked him something.  “You’ll have to ask the boss,” he said.  So, I went to Grandma and she said, “well, you’ll have to go ask the boss.”  They were tricksters together and I liked their games.

Grandma stands as a beacon of how gentle and noble a life can be.  This is a light I will not forget. Grandma enriched my life and the best honour I can give is to remember that kindness and to pass it on.

Thank you Grandma Lucy.  We love you and we celebrate your life.

Grandma Lucy and Sister Gabriela

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  1. I too have the loving memories of the times she said thank you and that she loved us very much.

    Thanks you Karl for your loving memories. She died with many loving friends and family who do continue to miss her. She is with the Lord of Glory who will say to her “Well done thou faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord”. She will be blessed for eternity in His presence. Once she knew Him, she lived for Him here and continues to live with Him in heaven. I like the fact I will see her again.

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